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Alaska to Maine,
Ride of the Millennium

If you think this trip should get national media attention, here's how YOU can help!

Listed below are five web site addresses for your comments/feedback to the national news media. These sites are links, so all you have to do is click on them, follow the instructions at the site, add your comments and submit them. Please explain why you think this journey is important enough to get national attention. Please use your own words, because if everyone sends the EXACT same message, the sites will start to block it. We have provided some basic information about the trip at the bottom of this page to help you get started. The more people that email these sites, the more likely it is that this trip will catch someone's attention. Thanks for your support!

Once you're done at each site, if you want to come back here, you'll have to hit "Back" on your web browser.

Listed below are links to some of the national affiliates in Maine. E-mailing these Maine stations should help get additional state and national attention. Again, thanks for your support. We hope you have enjoyed this web site and following the "Ride of the Millennium".

Information About The Trip: Alaska to Maine - by Snowmobile??? On January 10, 2000, three courageous (or crazy) adventurers from the Caribou, Maine area flew to Alaska to begin their journey from Alaska to Maine by snowmobile - the trip is called "Ride of the Millennium - January 2000". All three men, who are financing the trip on their own, are also riding to raise money for two charities that help children - the Pine Tree Camp for Handicapped Children and the Pine Tree Burn Foundation. On January 14, 2000, they started their trek from Tok, Alaska and were the first people of the millennium to traverse the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City in the northern part of the Yukon Territory in Canada. As of January 26, 2000, they were about 1/3 of the way home and traveling through the eastern part of Alberta. These brave men have been interviewed by a local radio station daily and are sending home updates of their exciting travels, which are posted on their web site and eagerly read by the many faithful followers of their journey. Their homepage has links to these updates, maps, pledge forms, and a Guestbook, which has kept family, friends and supporters from ALL OVER North America in touch with the men and each other. The web site homepage is www.connectmaine.com/atom.

For Local Trail Conditions Log on to
Connect Maine

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