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My helmet is off for Retrax. Finally a single wheel system for snowmobiles that is strong, durable and easy to operate. I recently returned from 2 snowmobile trips through Canada consisting of approximately 2200 miles. The Retrax Wheel System, mounted on the inside of the ski spindles are easily locked down into place in seconds. The ease of operation and maneuverability is unbelievable. No more problems getting to gas stations, hotels and restaurants on pavement that is not snow covered. No more lifting and tugging on my sled to get it turned around. Access to trails along roadways and crossing bridges is effortless and much safer. I have personally installed Retrax wheels on my sled and my wife's. It is my opinion that Retrax wheels will roll the Snowmobile Industry to a new pinnacle.

Randy T. from Caribou, Maine

I recently had the opportunity to try a pair of the Retrax wheels for snowmobilers and I must say it is a must have accessory for any snowmobiler. I have been an avid snowmobiler for over 27 years, and have ridden in many areas including the Rockies and Northern Maine. I had the chance to recently take a trip to the Gaspe in Quebec and was amazed at the convenience of simply putting the wheels down, which is so simple that it can be accomplished in seconds, and traveling over bare roads when it was the only way to get gas, or to reach our lodging for the evening. In the past, I have had to get off my machine, and drag the back end around, which can be dangerous in the middle of the road. The wheels provide the safety of being able to easily turn the machine on a dime on bare roads, and get to your destination. It also saves the runners and skis by not dragging them across the hard top. When you reach the snow again another quick second retracts the wheels out of the way, and you are off to enjoy the ride.

Our trip covered over 700 miles in three days, and because it was done late in the season we encountered more than the usual bare roads, but it was a breeze with the Retrax wheels. I would recommend this accessory to anyone, and don't plan on ever riding on another snowmobile without the 'Wheels'. FOr convenience, safety and protection of your equipment it is the best invention I have seen on a snowmobile since 'oil injection'.

This may sound like a commercial for Retrax, but I sincerely feel that it added a lot to the enjoyment of our last trip, and don't plan to take another trip without them.

Bob R. from Ashland, Pennsylvania

I am a retired 59 year old tool and die maker. I am an avid snowmobile enthusiast & have enjoyed the sport for 33 years. I have ridden snowmobiles in excess of 50,000 miles. I say this only to qualify the following statement: I recently installed a set of Retrax wheels in preparation for a trip around the Gaspe peninsula. They installed easily and made it very easy to move the machine around the garage. Our trip encompassed 6 days and over 1000 miles.

During this trip I used the wheels many times, they engaged and disengaged very easily every time. For the following reasons I feel every snowmobile enthusiast should consider installing a set of Retrax wheels. #1, SAFETY! crossing roads, hotel parking lots, gas stations, bare roads to connecting trails etc. I had complete control in these situations preventing placing myself in a dangerous situation. #2 HEALTH! a fully loaded touring sled is very heavy. With my retrax wheels I did not have to lift, tug, pull the sled to get it to go where I wanted. Just simply steer. No injured back or pulled muscles. #3 EASY ON YOUR MACHINE! I experienced much less wear on carbide skags as a result of using Retrax. All in all I feel my Retrax made a safer more enjoyable trip.

Robert W. from Walton, New York