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Toll Free: 1-866-4-RETRAX
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Introducing RETRAX®!

The new Automatic RETRAX® system is now available. Check out our new video which features the new automatic system!

The new automatic RETRAX® system is available only by special order. Call 1-866-4-RETRAX to order.

Remember the days when riding the snowmobile trails meant cold, numb hands? Serious riders wouldn’t dream of striking out without hand warmers. They are no longer a luxury, they are standard equipment.

Introducing RETRAX® — the snowmobile industry’s new standard piece of equipment!

RETRAX is a revolutionary retractable wheel system for snowmobiles. It is easily retrofitted to the skis of most any snowmobile. RETRAX is easily operated with the simple lever action.

RETRAX dramatically increases the maneuverability and accessibility of the sled. It allows full steering capability on hard surfaces: parking lots, garages, highway crossings, and gas station lots. Getting to any location with paved surfaces -- service dealers, restaurants, or hotels -- is simple with RETRAX. Once you experience the convenience of RETRAX, you will find it is essential.

No More... Pushing, pulling, yanking sleds into and out of trailers or scarring paved driveways or garages with ski marks.

RETRAX will remove the inconvenience of snowmobiling.

The RETRAX system will save components of your sled -- carbides, tracks, belts, and skis -- because they will no longer have contact with hard surfaces. The maintenance savings alone will easily pay for the RETRAX system. The patented RETRAX system is extremely durable, made from the highest quality metals that will easily last the life of your sled.

Perhaps the most most appealing aspect of the RETRAX system is added safety. The days of slipping across the highway are over. The days of straining backs while loading are over. With the RETRAX system, your sled can go anywhere, with or without the white stuff!